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Thursday, October 6, 2022


Valerie Wood Gaiger

By Takesure Matewa 

 Valerie Wood-Gaiger is an 81 year old grandma with a big heart and passion to change this world in a positive way,One of our living heroine change maker.

One can only marvel and feel challenged to do more for humanity and our planet when you carefully follow the journey that this amazing and strong octogenarian has traveled. 

Wood -Gaiger is the founder of LEARN WITH GRANDMA an international network of Facebook groups that seeks to connect changer makers who need to cross pollinate ideas and skills on how to develop their communities in different ways. 

She is a Patron of Kawa Uganda and a Paul Harris Fellow.

Valerie has won a Woman of Heart life time Achievement and is a Goodwill Ambassador for Peace.

She believes that she has done her part and it is time for young blood to take over the reigns of leadership and keep propelling the LwG ship forward. 

Wood-Gaiger who is a  grandmother of 7 has been working with UNESCO  on a Mother Language Concept for some time now.

"Its been frustrating trying to get this project of the ground but at last a start has been made and I have to admit the project is better because of the delay" Valerie told this publication. 

"This year we made a start in Uganda. I am working towards a presentation - for next years' UNESCO Mother Language Day 21 February.I will deliver a presentation to teachers at the National Library of Wales on October the 28th" she added

She has been given three presentations by UNESCO at their learning conferences in Paris France and she is doing her best to introduce the Mother Language Concept across Wales and the whole world.

On her 80th birthday a Malawian associate Jonas Chabroka Fedweck introduced a Tree Planting day as a way of celebrating Valerie's life and it became almost a world wide event as many people across the world supported the idea of planting trees in countries like France,Germany ,Finland and Peru just to name a few. Her birthday become a day of fighting climate change as people used it to plant trees as a way of celebrating the life of this lovely woman.

Valerie Wood-Gaiger also spoke at the COP -26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow ..Watch the speech here ...

LEARN WITH GRANDMA is her retirement project which is registered as a non profit  and has a website which is still under development stages

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